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If you’re looking for a top quality car hire Ibiza service, the Ibiza Housing Company are the pioneers in providing a relaxing, smooth service. It’s no secret that there is so much more to Ibiza than its ‘party land’. The island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, exquisite dining restaurants and full of historical heritage.

To fully enjoy your stay in Ibiza, visit our car hire personalised service! When hiring a car through our website, it will be delivered to the parking lot of your chosen airport by one of our agents, a 24 hour service and you'll be able to explore the island’s spectacular attractions.

Our Ibiza car rental service includes:
- No queues in the rental office
- No check-ins
- No additional costs

Here at the Ibiza Housing Company, we strive to provide our customers and clients with luxurious properties to rent and sale also a fantastic car rental service. If you would like to book our service for a car hire in Ibiza, contact us on (+34) 871 113 184 and one of our professional team members will be more than happy to assist you. Needless to say, that the Ibiza Housing Company is the leading specialists to rent luxury properties in Ibiza (make the bold text link to the homepage).

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